tpcp.optimize: Optimization helper#

Module for all supported parameter optimization methods.


Optimize(pipeline, *[, safe_optimize, ...])

Run a generic self-optimization on the pipeline.

GridSearch(pipeline, parameter_grid, *[, ...])

Perform a grid search over various parameters.

GridSearchCV(pipeline, parameter_grid, *[, ...])

Exhaustive (hyper)parameter search using a cross validation based score to optimize pipeline parameters.


Provide API compatibility for SimplePipelines in optimize wrappers.

BaseOptimize(*args, **kwds)

Base class for all optimizer.

Optuna Interface#

Implementation of methods and classes to wrap the optimization Framework Optuna.

optuna.CustomOptunaOptimize(pipeline, ...[, ...])

Base class for custom Optuna optimizer.

optuna.OptunaSearch(pipeline, create_study, ...)

GridSearch equivalent using Optuna.